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A new Learning Management System

Supernova Dust Factory in M74

Texas A&M University-Commerce is in the process of implementing a new learning management system (LMS) for online courses.  The current system, eCollege, is due for retirement in the fall of 2018.  A committee of campus stakeholders reviewed the top three LMS vendors and chose Brightspace by Desire2Learn as the new system.  The last several months …

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Captioning of Public Facing Videos- Berkley’s Tough Decision

Closed Captioning Symbol

  The University of California Berkley recently announced a decision to remove some 20,000 publicly available videos from their website in response to claims that the lack of captioning for these resources.  Berkley determined that it would serve its students better by providing pertinent video resources behind an authentication login.  Removal of the videos includes …

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Preservation in the Digital World

Study room with binary overlay.

Do you remember that well thought out course module you designed that linked to a myriad of web resources?  Your students absolutely loved the internet scavenger hunt activity you spent hours designing for them.  Now, two or three years later, an annoyingly significant number of those links are…gone.  Just.  Plain.  Gone. It happens more often …

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Notes on the Lecture

The lecture has been a dominant mode of instruction for centuries.  It generally entails the professor delivering information on a particular subject matter, using a well crafted set of notes, incorporating visuals and anecdotes, the delivery of which has often been refined over several years.  The lecture is construed as a one-to-many form of delivery …

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Take Control of your Classroom Technology

One recent change to classroom technology systems on several of the Texas A&M-Commerce campuses was the introduction of Crestron Push Button Control panels (see image below).  These have replaced hand held remote controls as the primary means to turn on projectors, switch image sources, and control sound in the classrooms. The push button control consists …

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