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Welcome (back) faculty!

Welcome (back) faculty! Start of Term - http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/sot.aspx Course Copy - http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/educationalTechnology/learningStudioCourseCopy.aspx Pearson LearningStudio - http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/educationalTechnology/default.aspx Start of Term Surveys - http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/EducationalAssessment/sot.aspx Multimedia Production - http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/elearning/multimediaProduction.aspx Events - https://appsprod.tamuc.edu/CMS/CFEIEventSessions/ Here are quick links to a few of the services & resources available to you at the CFEI. Let us help you get ready!

The CFEI wishes you a productive and successful Spring 2017 semester! To help you, the attached PDF document highlights important start-of-term CFEI services and resources. Click on the icons to direct you to the appropriate services and resources. Welcome (back) faculty (pdf download)   Also, please don’t hesitate to contact the CFEI with your teaching, scholarship, …

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Tips for Instructors from Students’ Fall Start of Term Survey Comments

There are at least five obvious benefits to be realized from examining the results derived from the Start of Term (SOT) surveys. (1) The information can he used to make changes during the current course; (2) Students feel empowered to help design their own educational process; (3) Start of Term (SOT) surveys allows an assessment …

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