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Join the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Online Courses COMMUNITY OF LEARNING

Join today! NEW Community of Learning in 2017. COL Leaders: Dr. Donna McCrary, COEHS C&I, Dr. Beth Jones, COEHS PCS. Topic: Universal Design for Learning (UDL) for Online Courses. Features: Interdisciplinary faculty group, leadership and service, scholarship/research, incentives, budget, learning activities, mentorship, collaboration. For more information, contact CFEI: Gee Library, Suite 173, CFEI.FacultyDev@tamuc.edu, 903-886-5511

  For more information about faculty Communities of Learning, click here. To join this community, contact Felicity Grandjean, 903-468-8792 or felicity.grandjean@tamuc.edu. All faculty and adjunct faculty are welcomed to join. The community will be limited to 15 members. Reserve your seat today! The community will begin in 2017.

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Faculty Focus: Wheelchair Ramps and Extra Time for Learning

Extra Time

By Maryellen Weimer, PhD “A wheelchair ramp is an alternate mode of access for the physically disabled so that they may access the same benefits as others. Similarly, being allowed extra time gives the learning-disabled extra time to process what they know. My reading speed will always be slow. But having extra time gives me …

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Accessibility Considerations for Online Courses

Dear Faculty, Are you currently teaching an online course or are you planning on teaching an online course in the near future? To increase accessibility for all learners in your online course, you may want to adapt some of your course materials.   3Play Media has developed a host of resources for online and video …

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Web accessibility: Hot or not?

Petra assisting Julia with eCollege

Web accessibility is definitely a very HOT topic right now, not only on the A&M-Commerce campus, but for educational institutions nationwide. For faculty members, instructional designers and other support staff who are not aware of the federal requirements for web accessibility, the Texas Government Code 2054, Subchapter M, 2005, requires that all state agencies, including …

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Training at the FCTT: Cascade for Faculty Websites

FCTT Logo Preview

Beyond FrontPage: Cascade training for users migrating from FrontPage Location:  FCTT Training Lab (Ag/IT 222) Date:  12/04/2013 Time:  1:00:PM – 3:00:PM Presenter: David Moseley Description:  Cascade CMS training targeted at faculty members migrating from Microsoft FrontPage. The Microsoft FrontPage server extension is slated to be disabled at the end of the Fall 2013 semester. This session …

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