Apr 09

Textbook Publishers and Learning Management Systems: Do We Even Want Them to Get Along?

An article in The Chronicle posted last month online, “Textbook Publishers Push to Provide Full Learning Experience,” posed an interesting question about the future of online teaching and learning: how immersive do we truly want our technology systems to be? It is not a jump to say that, technologically, products which are designed to work …

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Mar 31

PowerPoint Facilitating Students “Meeting” Each Other in Online Classes

A challenging aspect of online classes is the isolated sense that students can sometimes feel, somewhat disconnected from their instructor and even fellow classmates.  Instructors continually discover innovative ways to build student community in their online courses.  From encouraging online study groups via social media tools, to interacting via the online “Student Lounge” in the LMS, there …

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Feb 24


At the Faculty Center, we often get a lot of questions from faculty about how to best record their lectures for online classes. This is a common inquiry with only one answer, CAMTASIA. Camtasia offers professors the opportunity to be able to deliver their content to off-site students, re-use their lecture videos each semester, & …

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Feb 05

Tip: VPN for iOS lets you update your faculty website from your iPad

Have you ever wanted to update your Cascade faculty website from your iPad or iPhone? This is a fairly common question, but the standard answer has always been that to access Cascade Server, you have to be on an Ethernet-connected campus computer, or connected via VPN. 

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Feb 03

New Classroom Technology – But Wait!

Smart Podium

The Faculty Center for Teaching with Technology wear a lot of hats. We often get requests from departments wanting to update their technology in classrooms and conference rooms. Once we get the request we analyze and discuss what technologies will work with certain rooms. If it is an interactive option the FCTT will always suggest …

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