Faculty Insights on Teaching during COVID-19

Moving to fully online course work for the entire university has been a growing experience for most of us, I think. Learning to use the tools we have available to us, figuring out what works best for each of our different classes, and trying to maintain some sort of connection while under a social distancing …

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5 Lower-Tech Things You Can Do to Engage Students

As we move totally online, there’s an expectation from a lot of faculty that we need to keep things as close to a face to face experience as possible. I understand this expectation fully, as I, too, am faculty, and I use synchronous sessions (YouSeeU, but see also: Zoom, Skype, Discord, WebEx, etc) to engage …

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Dr. Ballenger Recipient of Outstanding Distance Faculty Award

Dr. Julia Ballenger of the Educational Leadership Department at Texas A&M University-Commerce received an Outstanding Distance Faculty Award from NETnet this summer. A regular fixture at the Office of Academic Technology, she was nominated by our Instructional Designer, Dr. Petra Strassberg. Dr. Ballenger reflects a deep commitment to her students and working with colleagues to …

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Getting Connected in a Rural Reality…

Three monitors w/ City backdrop

A recent article from Texas Public Radio estimates there are nearly 2 million Texans who do not have access to broadband Internet. A majority of these live in rural areas, which have traditionally had less access to broadband services. This can potentially complicate efforts for some of our rural residents to participate in online courses …

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Testing The Augusta Hitech ADA Solution

Headquartered in Plano, TX, Augusta Hitech is a broadly-focused technology company which provides business solutions in numerous spaces including blockchain technology, IoT (Internet of Things), and Analytics to name just a few.  One of the company’s more pertinent offerings as regards the Office of Academic Technology is a turnkey ADA solution, an application which provides …

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