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Transforming a Course to Studio Mode: Strategies for Creating a Student-Centered Active Learning Environment

2015-16 Faculty Fellow Dr. Robynne M. Lock presents Transforming a Course to Studio Mode: Strategies for Creating a Student-Centered Active Learning Environment. Dr. Lock will give a brief overview of the implementation of studio mode in physics and the ongoing efforts in the program. This will include the reporting of data showing its success. The remainder of the workshop will be participant-centered and focus on how what has worked in physics can be adapted for other departments. Date: April 20, 2017, 2:00-3:00 p.m.Location: CFEI Conference Room, Gee Library Suite 173

Dr. Robynne Lock will be presenting her 2015-2016 Faculty Fellowship project and continued research focusing on Studio Mode in Physics. Join us at the CFEI Conference Room (Gee Library Suite 173) on April 20, 2017 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to learn more about her work and how it can be adapted in other …

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Counting down with Project NOVA

Project Nova in 3, 2, 1...

The sun is setting on Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) and rising on D2L Brightspace. The University’s journey to D2L Brightspace, our new Learning Management System (LMS) encompasses: (1) LMS selection [completed and determined to be D2L Brightspace], (2) project team/D2L implementation planning stage [now engaged], (3) software implementation, (4) migration, and (5) training. This journey is …

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Submit your 2017-18 Faculty Fellowship Application

Faculty Fellow Icon

The 2017-2018 Faculty Fellowship for Teaching & Learning application process is now open. Deadline to apply to become the next Faculty Fellow is March 24, 2017. Visit this CFEI webpage to learn more about the Faculty Fellowship program, learn about our university’s previous Faculty Fellows, and download the application form.   This could be you!

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Apply for a Faculty Scholarship to the QM Connect Conference

QM Connect Conference, September 24-27, 2017, Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Faculty, Seize the opportunity to attend the QM Connect Conference with this scholarship. Click HERE to learn more about Quality Matters (QM), learn what a few of our professors have to say about QM, find out information about the QM Connect Conference in Fort Worth, TX, and download the application form. The Scholarship Application …

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The CFEI Haiku

The CFEI Haiku By Felicity Grandjean   What’s higher ed about? Seek ideas at CFEI. Possibilities!   Visit. Call. Email. Supporting our Faculty. It is our mission.   Teach, Learn, Write, & Serve. Quality education. Commerce Faculty!   Faculty Center For resources & events. For lifelong learning.

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