Did you know you can use Adobe Express to create Infographics for data analysis?

Take a look at the following examples. If you would like to learn more about creating infographics in Adobe Express for your D2L course, contact Dr. Teresa Bussell in the Office of Academic Technology, Teresa.Bussell@tamuc.edu

Infographic describing various objects found in the ocean
What’s out there? By now we all know that there are loads of trash in our oceans and waterways. Plastic bags, straws, food packaging, and cigarette butts are among the most common but you won’t believe some of the other things we’ve found. (Fill in the blanks) Garden Gnome GOLF BAG SNOWSKI BOOT DUMBBELLS SNOWSKI BOOT
Study the graph and answer the questions below.  Different Hobbies
Questions Which hobby was selected the most? Which hobby was selected the least? Which hobby is a professional sport? Answers(fill in the blanks)

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