Tips for Instructors from Students’ Fall Start of Term Survey Comments

There are at least five obvious benefits to be realized from examining the results derived from the Start of Term (SOT) surveys.

(1) The information can he used to make changes during the current course;

(2) Students feel empowered to help design their own educational process;

(3) Start of Term (SOT) surveys allows an assessment of specific behaviors rather than a global “quality of teaching” rating;

(4) Instructors can ask for the information most pertinent to them-even soliciting criticism without fearing any adverse consequences from the administration; and

(5) Results form SOT surveys go directly to the instructor.

Recently, CFEI took an deeper look at the results of the fall 2016 Start of Term survey responses and discovered several trends that may prove beneficial to instructors during the upcoming spring 2017 semester. Surprisingly, these data suggest that instructors and students have many more behaviors and expectations in common than one might expect. Both want the other to be prepared and engaged in the classroom; both want better and more regular communication. Each wants to be respected by the other; and they share the desire to have their time together be a meaningful and productive experience.  Review what else students told us they wanted instructors to know.






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