The Macintosh to turn 30

Macintosh 128kWhen Apple debuted the original Macintosh on January 24, 1984, many of us were too young, or perhaps not yet born, to appreciate the big splash the Mac made and how revolutionary it was for the personal computer market. In retrospect, no one could have predicted the rise and fall, and rebirth, of Apple as a technology leader, nor the innovative contributions the company has made in the personal, corporate and education markets.

The Mac turns 30 this month and Apple is celebrating at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA, the same venue where Steve Jobs introduced the first Mac all those years ago. While the production value of this video may not be as polished as some of Jobs’ later debuts of innovative Apple firsts, such as the iMac, iPod, iPhone, etc., the crowd is completely engaged and amazed at Jobs’ hands-on demonstration of what the machine is capable of.See for yourself:

According to, members of the original development team will be holding a series of discussions about the creation of the Macintosh from conception to the modern day. Using previously unreleased video, attendees will be taken back in time to experience those early days. And, in what is possibly the coolest aspect of the event, directer Ridley Scott will be on hand to discuss his iconic “1984” ad. See the now ubiquitous “1984” super bowl commercial, directed by Scott, that made cinematography history in, and of, itself::

The specs of the original Macintosh:

  • Processor speed: 8  MHz
  • Processor type: 68000
  • Standard RAM: 128 KB
  •  Display: Built-in 9″ monochrome CRT
  • Standard hard drive: None
  • Original price: US$2495

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