Jun 01

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Your Summertime Scholarship Work

New Article: “The Semester is Over! It’s Time to Write!” https://chroniclevitae.com/news/1010-the-semester-is-over-it-s-time-to-write?cid=wb&utm_source=wb&utm_medium=en

If you are among the faculty who use the summer to work on scholarship endeavors, the CFEI would like to point out a few resources that might be helpful to you. Check out the CFEI website page on Scholarship: http://www.tamuc.edu/facultyStaffServices/centerForFacultyExcellenceAndInnovation/rsca/scholarship.aspx Also, for your convenience, the CFEI has a dedicated Faculty Fellows & Scholars Computer Lab for your use. Please contact the CFEI at 903-886-5511 or CFEI.FacultyDev@tamuc.edu for assistance.


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