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YouTube Custom Share PodAdobe Connect is great at live meetings and we’ve recently discovered some awesome new resources that can help make it even better. If you’re looking to add some interactivity or  some multimedia spice to your meeting, you’ll want to read the rest of this post.

Adobe’s developers have offered up some Custom Share pods that can easily be added to your Connect meetings. We’ll quickly summarize them here and will be creating some online tutorials on how to use them in the near future.

YouTube Video:

Allows you to search YouTube for videos and synchronously play them inside your meeting room. End users see and hear what you see and hear with little to no delay (contingent on connection speed). There are two versions: one for standard definition and one for high definition (HD) video.


Countdown Custom Share PodAllows you to add a Countdown to the start of a meeting or use the Timer to keep Presenters relegated to their allotted presentation time. If being on-time is important, this could be a valuable tool for you.

Chat Translation:

Using Google Translate’s engine, this pod can translate the Chat pod from one language to another, in real time. This is a great option if you need to meet with someone who doesn’t speak your native language or is more comfortable typing in another language.

Closed Captioning:

(through third-party CART provider) – This is a feature that can be used to provide live text transcription for hearing impaired or deaf users in Connect meetings. CART providers can be arranged through the SDRS Office for students with a hearing disability.

mp3 Music Player:

Allows you to play mp3 music in your meeting room. A recent update allows the meeting Host to synchronously control the player for every Participant. Participants are still given volume control, but nothing else. It can also be used asynchronously, giving Participants additional controls.

Twitter Feed:

TwitterConnect Custom Share PodAllows you to display a live Twitter feed in your Connect meeting room. If you’re using a particular hashtag (#) for a conference or meeting, you can pull people’s tweets with that hashtag into your TwitterConnect pod. You can also search for a specific username and display that person’s latest tweets.

Survey Pod:

Allows you to create short surveys in Connect that can be distributed to Participants and feedback is given to the meeting Host in real time. This could be a great way to gain constructive criticism at the end of a meeting or take a quiz in a meeting.

Using Custom Share Pods:

If you’d like to use Custom Pods prior to the tutorials being posted, please contact: and we’ll sit down with you or meet in a Connect room to go over how to use the pods that interest you.

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