Types of Bullying

There are many types of bullying; just as many forms of bullying as there are situations and relationships in which bullies want to exert their power.  It is impossible to identify all the forms of bullying given that bullying is constantly evolving but it is possible to identify many types of bullying.  Naming and identifying forms of bullying is important since bullying can take on many forms and it is important to recognize this behavior as bullying whenever it is observed.  Forms of bullying also can happen in many different locations including schools, universities, work places, homes, playing fields, and even in nursing homes.  Anyone can be bullied at any age by anyone and so bullying is a life-long phenomenon, not just behavior that happens to school-age children and adolescents.  To provide a fuller understanding  of some of the currently identified forms of bullying here is an extensive, but not all inclusive list:

1.  Verbal Bullying

2.  Physical Bullying

3.  Emotional Bullying

4.  Sexual Bullying

5.  Gender Bullying (LGBTQ Bullying)

5.  Racial Bullying

6.  Disability Bullying

7.  Cultural Bullying

8.  Religious Bullying

9.  Political Bullying

10.  Cyberbullying

11.  Bullying Threats

12.  Hazing

13.  Sports Bullying

14.  Extortion

15.  Relational Bullying

16.  Dating Bullying

17.  Marital Bullying

18.  Hostile Work Environment Bullying

19.  Equity Bullying

20.  University Bullying

21.  Nursing Home Bullying

22.  Legal Bullying

23.  Prison Bullying

24.  Government Bullying

25.  Parental Bullying

26.  Sibling bullying

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