“Standing Up or Joking Around”: Gendered Differences in Coping with Bullying

Journal of Bullying and Social Aggression

Volume 2, Number 2, 2017

Standing Up or Joking Around”: Gendered Differences in Coping with Bullying – Bullying is a widespread problem in schools across America. Previous studies have noted patterns in this behavior, focusing on traits that make some children more at risk of being bullied than others. One factor that may encourage future victimization is how the victim initially copes with their victimization. This study extends on previous works by examining how one’s gender influences how she or he copes with being bullied. To examine this, data from a national survey, the Youth Voice Project, was utilized. Aligning with the approach/avoidance model, children in this sample used avoidance techniques including distancing and externalizing, and approach techniques including seeking social support and problem solving. Humor was also a frequently reported response to bullying, used primarily by boys. Girls’ reliance on seeking social support and boys’ reliance on humor reflects gender socialization. Suggestions for future researchers and educators conclude the paper.

Keywords: bullying, coping, gender, gender socialization, victimization

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