English 1301: Agenda, 11/7-11:14

1. Submit RR12

2. Discuss WA3 assignment and RR9-14 as fodder for same. [see assignment sheet]

3. Ready plans for next week. Remember, we will NOT be meeting face-to-face. Instead, you will meet online (to post RR13 and RR14) and will meet with me in my office during your scheduled time.

Tuesday, 11/12

All: post RR13 to eCollege (“RR13” under “Discussion Area” tab) before 2:00 Tuesday, 11/12

Readings can be found in eCollege and here.

12:00-12:10–Joette Jackson

1-1:10–Kyle Taylor

1:10-1:20–Swathi Sudanagunta

1:20-1:30–EV Allison

1:30-1:40–Flo Bates

1:40-1:50–Tanya DelRio

1:50-2:00–Monique Burkley

2:00-2:10–Cynthia Cook

2:10-2:20–Kallison Rogers



3:00-3:10–Asia Scott


Thursday, 11/14

All:┬ápost RR14 to eCollege (“RR14” under “Discussion Area” tab) before 2:00 Thursday 11/14

1:30-1:40–Alexandria Bliss

1:40-1:50–Keandra Borders

1:50-2:00–Miranda Evans

2:00-2:10–Jessica King

2:10-2:20–LaDarrian Meredith

2:30-2:40–MaKenzie Blakey

2:45-2:55–Marshall Younts


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