English 1301: Agenda, 11/5

1. Submit RR11 (Mellix and Guerra)

2. Talk about conferences next week (you’ll sign up for these Thursday, and the conferences will take place on either 11/12 or 11/14).

Subject of conferences: your grades thus far and WA3. You’ll also receive WA2.

RR11 due today

RR12 due Thursday (11/7)

RR13 (submit to eCollege before 2:00 Tuesday 11/12)

RR14 (submit to eCollege before 2:00 Thursday 11/14)

That’s the last of your Reader Responses!

3. Talk about grade sheet and complete before next time. We’ll use this and the one I have completed as a discussion generator during our conferences before firming up your grade for this course going into WA3 and the Final Reflections.

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