English 1301: Agenda 10/29

1. RR8 (eCollege)

Thanks to everyone who remembered to participate in last week’s online discussion. Well done! Grades are in for that. If you posted a solid RR8 to the eCollege discussion area before the 10/22 deadline AND posted at least one response before the 10/24 deadline, you are golden (no one who submitted both on time received less than an A)! If you did one but not the other, you received partial credit (no one who submitted made less than a C on this).

If you forgot to participate in last week’s discussion, I’m afraid that window has closed. You’ll receive a zero for RR8. However, other opportunities for RRs still remain.

2. Discuss Communities of Practice/Discourse Communities [prompt]

3. Submit RR9 (on bell hooks “Keeping Close to Home”)


  • submit WA2 if you haven’t already, See October 17 agenda for details on what to submit.


RR10 on “Resolution on Language Rights” (PP, page 162-163)


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