English 1301: Agenda (10/17)

1. Feedback (see evaluation_WA1)on WA1 and WA1 Peer Review provided (at last!). I will add these to the gradebook in eCollege, along with the rest of your scores for this class thus far. I will upload the completed feedback form to the WA1 gradebook item as well.

NOTE: Hold onto these papers and completed rubrics. You will resubmit them with your WA2 (and again with WA3 in a few weeks).

2. Submit WA2 for Instructor Review.

Include the following:

      • Final version of WA2 for instructor review (see WA2 assignment sheet)
      • Draft of WA2 for peer review (from today’s peer review session)
      • Responses from peer reviewer (answers to questions above; I need the complete version with reviewer’s name so I can give the peer reviewer full credit for the extensive and thoughtful feedback he/she provided)
      • Your own response to this feedback (see “Response” above), including a detailed plan for revising WA1 based on feedback provided during peer review
      • AND
      • Everything submitted with WA1, including the feedback forms for both WA1 and the Peer Review.

3. If you taking me up on the extension for WA2, be ready to submit this complete assignment no later than the start of class on October 29.


  • Option 1: Submit above on Thursday, October 17, 2013 (in class)
  • Option 2: Submit final version of WA2 to eCollege dropbox for this assignment at any point before Thursday, October 24, then bring rest of items listed above to class Tuesday, October 22, so I can wrap up grading on these items as well.
  • Option 3: Submit all of the above on Tuesday, October 29 (in class)


REMEMBER: We will hold class in eCollege next week! No face-to-face meeting, as I will be in San Diego. However, do not miss participating in this online discussion. It counts too, just as much as all the other stuff you have been doing in this class thus far. Everything counts! 🙂

I will not be available on campus for my office hours, but you can still email or text me if you have questions. I will also be participating in the online discussion in eCollege. See the “Discussion Area” tab for 10/22-10/24.

  • Due Tuesday, 10/22, in eCollege: RR8 over “What is a Community of Practice?” (follow link) and the page on “Discourse Communities” in Problem Posing textbook. Post to Discussion Area in eCollege before 2:00 Tuesday, 10/22 (normal start of class time)
  • Due Thursday, 10/24, in cCollege: Respond to at least one classmate’s RR8 in same Discussion Area in eCollege before 3:15, 10/24 (normal end of class time)


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