Blogging Guidelines: Texas A&M University – Commerce

Important Considerations
Before you create a blog or make any entries, consider that your blog is public, and it endures. Anyone can search for your blog and find it.

  •      Consider that anything you post on your blog may have repercussions in the future. People have been refused jobs or fired from their jobs because of material they posted on their blogs.
  •      In addition to controlling what you post on your blog, you can monitor the comments that other people post. While your credibility as a blogger depends in large part on your openness to comments by others, you can set your blog so that all comments come to you for review prior to appearing on your blog. You can also block individuals who repeatedly post offensive content, try to use your blog for advertising without your permission, or just because you want to. Some bloggers post their policy directly on their blogs.
  •     For your own protection, you should never give information that identifies you–such as your full name, your address or phone number. Don’t make yourself a target to scam artists or predators.

Policies and Procedures
If you are posting a blog under the auspices of Texas A&M University – Commerce, either as a staff member, faculty member, or student, you should be fully aware of Texas A&M University – Commerce policies and procedures, including, but not limited to

Texas A&M University – Commerce Web Policy
Texas A&M University – Commerce Copyright Policy
Texas A&M University – Commerce Privacy Policy
Texas A&M University – Commerce Web Site Disclaimer

It is your responsibility to be aware of any Texas A&M University – Commerce policies and any changes in those policies that may impact any blog linked to the TAMUC Web presence.

Linking to a blog
When linking to a blog from the TAMUC Web Site, always link from a unique blog page–never from an unidentified link. Minimally, this page should inform the reader

  • That they are linking to a blog
  • That they are leaving the TAMUC Site
  • That the blog to which they are linking may not reflect the views of Texas A&M University – Commerce
  • What the blog is about

Using TAMUC graphics
Use of any Texas A&M University – Commerce Graphics, including the TAMUC Seal, Logo, or Centennial Seal, may require the permission of the University. Contact Web Services for more information.