Tip: VPN for iOS lets you update your faculty website from your iPad

Have you ever wanted to update your Cascade faculty website from your iPad or iPhone? This is a fairly common question, but the standard answer has always been that to access Cascade Server, you have to be on an Ethernet-connected campus computer, or connected via VPN. 

Cascade on an iPhoneThen, the follow-up question: What is VPN?

In brief, VPN stands for virtual private networking and it enables you to create a “tunnel” from your computer, wherever you are in the world, to the University’s campus network. Once connected, you would then be able to access network resources just as if you were in your on-campus office.

Enter, Cisco AnyConnect for iOS. The networking juggernaut, Cisco, has graciously ported many of their utilities to the mobile platform. AnyConnect, the VPN client of choice for “dialing in” to the campus network is not only compatible with iOS 6.0 and up, but it is also FREE. Look for it in the App Store on your device, or follow this link to the Cisco AnyConnect app web page for more information. The App is designed for both iPhone and iPad and works with the latest hardware as of this writing.

In my testing, I had no problems downloading and installing the app. To connect, you have to tap the app and enter the server address, vpn.tamuc.edu, followed by your domain username and password. Once connected, you will at last be able to access Cascade Server by going to http://cms.tamuc.edu:8080.


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