grades, deadlines, and WA2


There has been a little confusion as to what is due today and next week, which is an certainly understandable given that at this point the syllabus has gotten out of synch with class plans. I will have an updated calendar for you before our next class meeting.

So what is due today?


At this point in the semester, you should have already submitted RR1 through RR7. RR7 was due last time.

Today in class we will continue working on annotations for your WA2, which is due for peer review on Tuesday 10/15.



I promise you your grades for WA1, RR1-RR7, quizzes, and peer reviews before Tuesday, October 7. Alas, I am going to be a week later than promised: returned by 10/15 (Tuesday).


Basically, I underestimated the amount of time I needed to respond to these essays, so I had to delay returning them to you until class today. Those grades are ready. However, I did not pick up that stack of papers before I left my house in McKinney this morning.
Since you are submitting that you are receiving your feedback a week late, it only seems fair that I should give you a week extension on submitting your revised draft of WA2 for instructor review.


Therefore, you have two options:


  • OPTION 1: Submit your revised WA2 for my review when we meet for class Thursday, 10/17, the original deadline for this assignment. For those who submit 10/17, I can return your WA2 with feedback the following week (via eCollege).


  • OPTION 2: Submit your revised WA2 for my review the following Thursday (October 24). In this case, you will submit your WA2 to the WA2 dropbox in eCollege. Next week, I will show you how to do this and get you familiar with the online discussion areas we will use for our class meetings the following week (10/22-10/24).


Regardless of which option you select for submitting WA2 for instructor review, you will still need a draft with at least three complete annotations ready for our peer review session Tuesday, 10/15.
So to recap:

I. Nothing is due today class.
II. You will not have access to WA1 feedback today, as promised. However you will have access to those grades next week.  As compensation for this delay, I am giving you the option of submitting your own WA2 on Thursday, October 24, rather than Thursday, October 17 (the current deadline). Whatever option you choose to submit your final draft to me for a grade, you will still need to have your WA2 ready for peer review on Tuesday October 15.
October 22-October 24:

We will meet online in eCollege rather than face-to-face. I will be in San Diego that week. Originally I had assumed we would watch a film on this day, which you will see listed in the current draft of your syllabus. Instead I decided it would be more productive for us to meet online in eCollege. Next week, you will have the opportunity to play around with it if it is unfamiliar to you. I will set up a discussion area for us that week. You will be posting RR8 in this online discussion area, and you will be expected to respond to classmates in this online discussion just as you would face to face. Failure to particulate in this online discussion will result in lower grades. For full credit, you will need to post your RRs on time (before 2:00 class meeting time) and participate in the discussions that emerge from those RRs–just as you would in our face-to-face meetings


Tuesday, 10/15, expect a revised calendar to reflect the above information and upcoming weeks.



Dr. Carter

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