High Elements

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Click on an element to view its description. Click on any photo to view more images of that element.This gallery is a work in progress, and not all of our elements are showcased here. By no means are the descriptions of the elements their limitations, just examples of how the element has been used.

Traverse High Elements

Swinging Log

View More...Swinging log is quite similar to its low element counterpart, except that it is 30 ft in the air!

Indiana Jones

This is high element is called Indiana Jones. It consists of platforms suspended in the air. Watch your step!


Swings TraverseView More...

This Tarzan-esque element requires that you jump from swing to swing.

Bahama Bridge

Click here for gallery.Bahama Bridge is a high element with scary lunges across the tops of telephone poles to reach the rest of the element of swings.


Multi- Vine

Walk across a cable with only “vines” to grab.

Catwalk and Two-Pole Traverse

This high element consists of two parts that can be done together or separately. The Catwalk is a single log suspended between two telephone poles. The Two-Pole Traverse consists of two logs that criss-cross in the middle, creating an obstacle.

Suspension Stairs

Click here for more photos. Stairs is a log with a stairs obstacle in the center that is suspended between two telephone poles.

Two-Line Bridge

View more...This element consists of two lines, a cable for your feet, and a rope for you hands. This element can be used in conjunction with the zip line and Suspension Stairs.

Vertical High Elements


The centipede is an high element that consists of 2x4s that are hooked together. There are spinning hand holds attached for the climber to attempt go grip. A simple and fun element.

Rock Climbing

Click here for more photos.There are two climbing walls on either side of the tower. One is flat, and the other has an overhang. Two participants can climb at a time on either side.

Zulu Ladder

Click here for more photos. This element can be done with a partner or individually. The goal is to climb up the over sized ladder to the tower where participants can zip down together as a reward for their climb.

Crate Climbing

Click here to go to the gallery. Crate climbing is considered to be a high element. It is a different kind of activity where a participant works with a partner to stand on top of a tower of milk crates that they have assembled. The participant is hooked up to a belayer; one of our staff, while their partner hands them crates. The participant must place the crates on top of each other while continuing to climb up them.

Specialty High Elements

Rainbow Serpent Net

The Rainbow Serpent net require the climber to climb up to the tower using the staples in the base. Once on top of the tower, the climber climbs into the serpent and must wriggle their way to the bottom. It works much like a Chinese Finger Trap.

Zip Line

Click here for more photos and video. The Zip Line is probably the most coveted of all the high elements. It begins at the top of the tower and stretches to the far end of the challenge course. The Zip Line can be accessed from either of the two rock walls, the Two-Pole Traverse, Zulu Ladder, and the Two-Line Traverse.

Leap of Faith

The Leap of Faith is an advanced high element that tests an individuals strength and the teams ability to be supportive.


The Giant Swing

Click here for more photos.The Giant Swing, also known as the Screamer, is essentially just that: a giant swing. The participant is hoisted up to a height comfortable to them by their team, and then on their count of three lets go to experience flying.

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