LeoTeach Grants

¡¿Excelencia?! STEM Models of Excellence

Student excited in labToward Academic Rigor through a Focus on Students’ Exemplary Work

  • Principle Investigator:  Dr. Martha Foote, Professor
  • Co-PIs:  Debra Lee, Tami Morton, Susan Szabo, Josh Thompson, Susan Williams
  • $3000 for 2014 requested from the Center for Research, Evaluation and Advancement of Teacher Preparation CREATE, July 2013
  • Though the punctuation is nonstandard, there is widespread acceptance of this form among social media users who are English Learners. ¡¿Excelencia?! suggests our realization that we know that we don’t yet know STEM best practices, and it reflects our excitement about coming to know. During this study PK-16 STEM research teams will identify their students’ exemplary work, document the rigor associated with its development, and display their findings as models of excellence for other PDS educators and researchers. This pilot, small r research study promises to point toward big R, classical studies during years two through five of the Curriculum & Instruction Department STEM focus. ¡¿Excelencia?! is informed by research on collaborative public school / university studies showing the impact of PDS faculty members on research teams, action research as a means for preservice teachers to make data-driven decisions about student achievement, and resulting positive effects on teacher education curriculum.