Sep 30

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Writers and their Tools

Dr. Shannon Carter of the Literature and Languages Department imparted some philosophical and practical food for thought to attendees of her recent “Writers and their Tools” workshop hosted by the CFEI.  The discussion and activities centered on the purpose of writing, spanning various forms over the ages, from cave paintings all the way through to current digital forms.

It’s important to highlight the central theme of the purpose of writing, which should ideally be more than “just to fill a particular container,” whether that container be a page count, web site, or other form.  Likewise, the tool should be a secondary concern, with selection driven again by the purpose rather than a specific technology.  We’re frequently reminded (and reminding) this is a central tenant of all instructional activities, which should be informed by the learning purpose, with presentation medium (or technology) an enabling method.

Dr. Carter reminded us that writing is embodied, material, and at times political.  it’s about “resourcefulness, and working with what you have.”

Thanks go out to Dr. Carter for sharing her session with us!  We had an opportunity to “write” with Play-Doh, which should be a go-to activity for the workplace!

Writing With Play-doh image

For other available sessions at the Center for Faculty Excellence and Innovation, please visit our Calendar of Events.


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