Course Evaluation Reports: Where Do I Find Them?

Course Evaluations (previously known on campus as SRTEs) have been delivered via several different avenues in the last year. We’ve used paper-based surveys for face to face classes, eCollege delivery for online classes, and then Snap Surveys for all of Fall 2017 classes. That means there are three different ways to access your reports for 2017.

If your class was face to face during Spring or Summer 2017, you’ll need to get your course evaluation reports from your department head. They have access to a shared folder on the network where course evaluations were delivered, and they need to disseminate those reports out to your department. If you are a department head and don’t have access to the CourseEvaluations share folder, please contact the Office of Academic Technology where we can give you next steps.

If your class was online during Spring or Summer 2017, you’ll get your evaluation reports through eCollege. We only surveyed fully online courses in the main term (W-1). To access those reports as a faculty member, follow these instructions. If you’re a department head and need to pull reports from eCollege, use this set of instructions instead.

If your class was held during Fall 2017, your reports are in Snap Surveys. You access Snap Surveys by going to and logging in with your AD credentials. You can then pull your own reports by following this step-by-step guide.  If you are a department head needing to pull the department heads report, please follow these instructions.

This was a big year for course evaluations on campus; we switched to a totally new tool, took all evaluations online, and made reports accessible directly by faculty in Fall 2017. In the coming year we plan on seeking out a vendor who can handle our multiple terms, and possibly consolidate our data into one easily accessible report. In the meantime, if you have feedback for us on course evaluations, please feel free to comment below!

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