Comparing Zoom and Panopto

Zoom and Panopto Comparison

Hello, Faculty,

In this blog post, the D2L tools Zoom and Panopto will be compared to assist faculty in determining the best tool to use for specific tasks.

Zoom and Panopto are two tools in D2L available to faculty for use in their courses. Training is provided by the Office of Academic Technology on using these tools in your course. To request training or for questions email or call 903-468-5511.


Zoom is a video conferencing tool that can be used for live meetings or to record lectures. The link to Zoom is found in the Nav Bar in a course, see image below.


Panopto is a video tools that can be used to record videos or to add closed captioning to existing videos. Panopto can be added to course by clicking on the Existing Activities button in a module. Scroll down to and click on External Tools. Scroll down to and click Panopto Video, see images below.

The table below compares the features of Zoom and Panopto.

Comparison of Zoom and Panopto Features

Video Conferencing Tool  YesXXX
Record Lectures  Yes*Yes
Share Screen Tool  YesXXX
Generates Closed Captioning (CC)  YesYes
Generates a Transcript  YesYes
Editable Transcript/Captions  Yes (By video creator only)Yes (By anyone with edit rights)
Generates CC to Existing Videos  Yes (Video re-recorded in Zoom)Yes (Upload video to Panopto)
  • Note that while you can use Zoom to record video lectures, Zoom content retention is only for 6 months, whereas Panopto retention is much longer.


In conclusion, Zoom is best for video conferencing and Panopto is best for recording re-usable lectures.

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