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The Center for Faculty Excellence & Innovation (CFEI) would like to highlight topical resources for faculty. This post’s focus is on Blended Learning, a hot topic for 2014.

1)    The CFEI held a Faculty Focus online seminar, 10 Ways to Improve Blended Learning Course Design in 2014 on 8/21/14 from 1:00-2:00pm at the CFEI Conference Room (AGIT 222). It is not too late to participate! If you are interested in accessing the online resources for this past seminar, please register on the CFEI website for this online seminar at any time. With the registration, you will have unlimited access to the video, PowerPoint handout, transcript, and additional materials. For more information about the seminar, go to Faculty Focus at

2)    See the attached flyer, Mentor Commons–Blended Learning, for a list of 20 Minute Mentor Commons videos and resources on blended learning. (Flyer: Mentor Commons–Blended Learning)

3)    Faculty Focus: Blended and Flipped: Exploring New Models for Effective Teaching & Learning Special Report,

4)    Online Learning Consortium (formerly Sloan-C): Blending In: The Extent and Promise of Blended Education in the United States,

5)    Edutopia: Blended Learning: Resource Roundup,


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