Response Paper 2

due Wednesday, November 5, before midnight

Unit 2 Response Paper: Exploring and Critiquing DH

Objectives: Explore and critique some prominent digital humanities projects. Gain a sense of the field through an analysis of the projects produced under its aegis.

In Unit 1, we built a foundation for better understanding the Digital Humanities. Unit 2 complicates this foundation with specific, theoretically driven examples of DH that may begin to address issues in our discipline that you find most challenging/interesting/significant. You will spend Unit 2 exploring and critiquing various DH projects in preparation for our final project. Thus, for your Unit 2 Response Paper, you should


·       focus on an issue or theme that strikes you as key in the texts and projects we’ve explored thus far;

·       select two or three DH projects that seem to address this issue in meaningful, generative, and/or otherwise significant ways;


In the response paper itself, you should

·       offer a clear and concise explanation of the issue or theme you have identified, making excellent use of the texts from which you are drawing to identify that important theme (remember to make extensive use of our assigned course materials, especially for this unit!).

·       Next, you should demonstrate the important ways in which these DH projects address the issue or theme you have identified. Though you should make meaningful use of at least two DH projects in your response paper, the bulk of your analysis should rest on just one of these examples. The others serve to ground your analysis in a larger conversation by demonstrating your awareness of related work in the DH.


As this is a response paper, I expect quotation from the text and representation from texts throughout the unit—not just one text. Also, be sure that this text shows you are developing a knowledge base that begins with the foundation laid in Unit 1. (5-7 pages). 


NOTE: You may use this paper to try out ideas for your final project. In response to Unit 3, the final project should offer a clear and concise summary of the DH projects most relevant to the research and/or teaching agenda you’d most like to pursue. Keep that in mind as you select your projects for the Unit 2 Response Paper. Ideally, you’ll be utilizing these response papers extensively as you prepare your final project.

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