Welcome to Week 3!


Week 2 ends at midnight tonight (9/7), so be sure to get your final posts into Forum 4 before that discussion thread closes in a couple hours.

After that, we roll into Week 3. You’ll notice I have opened up all the remaining weeks, so please feel free to have a look around.

Some highlights:

  1. Syllabus and deadlines are available. I made a mistake in the calendar for the syllabus updated on 9/3/14, so please go by the deadlines on the newest version. That version is attached, but you can also access it by clicking the “syllabus” link under the course home tab in eCollege.
  2. Assignment details for Response Papers 1-2 can now be found at the “Response Papers” link under the course home tab. I have removed Response Paper 3 from the schedule (too ambitious). Now we have only two RPs.
  3. Deadline for Response Paper 1 is now October 8, one week later than originally announced (see above mistake with calendar). Deadline for Response Paper 2 is November 5.
  4. Book Reviews: please help us crowd source options for the book reviews by joining the discussion found at the “Book Reviews” link under the course home tab. I’ll share options there as well. Read intro to that section for justification for crowd sourcing and overall goals for this assignment. You’ll need to “claim” your book title by September 28. Book Reviews are due October 29.
Finally, our face-to-face meeting last Wednesday resulted in about 90-minutes of audio with relevant screencast for you to review at your leisure. I am still working with the Faculty Center to get this massive file online, but we should be able to make that happen very soon.

In the meantime, I would like to announce our next face-to-face meeting will be Wednesday, September 17, from 6:30-8:00. We’ll meet in my office (Hall of Languages, Room 209). I will work with Faculty Center to set up a Google Hangout for this event, which will enable us to bring in any of you who may be interested in joining us from a distance. It will also record the session for us, so it seems like an excellent option all around.

Remember, do not feel pressured to attend these meetings. This is an option for those who feel it may be helpful. It is not required in any way. I have chosen to record these lectures for you. Rather than doing this for an empty room, I thought it made sense to invite people to come. That way, you can join in the conversation, ask questions, comment, and all the other graduate student things that make these sessions so interesting. However, you shouldn’t feel you need to come, nor even that you need to shoot me an excuse for not attending.

These are optional meetings. I mean that! Just an option for those who have the time to take advantage of them live. For those who can’t, there is always the recording. Or there will be, as soon as I figure out how to get that up for you. :)

Thanks, all, for the excellent conversation thus far. Looking forward to more!



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