Agenda, Optional F2F meeting, 9/3/14, 4:30-6:00

  1. Our Optional, Face-to-Face meetings (Plans for Current and Upcoming Face-to-Face, completely optional meetings)
  2. Updated Syllabus, with complete calendar
  3. Response Paper 1, with grading rubric
  4. Forums, with grading rubric
  5. Book Reviews, with grading rubric
    1. Options: I need your help. Things change SO quickly in the DH that the set of options I had ready for you is already hopelessly out of date. Over the next two weeks, I’d like for us to explore titles together. I have created a discussion area in eCollege for this (see ¬†“Book Reviews” link under Course Home tab). Keep a running list of titles in our readings that seem worthy of further exploration. Search for titles dealing with digital humanities and an area of interest for you. Share those titles as you find them by posting them to this discussion area. If more than one of you wants to review the same title, that’s absolutely fine. Let’s talk about how to make that productive.
    2. Reading Groups:I would highlight suggest you form reading groups around these texts. Read them together and meet at least a couple of times to discuss what you have read. This conversation will lead to richer reviews and it’ll be a lot more fun in the process.
    3. Deadline for “Claiming” the book you would like to review:
  6. “Units”

 UNIT 1: Definitions and Debates in the DH (Response Paper 1)

UNIT 2: Environmental Scan (Response Paper 2)

UNIT 3: Entering the Conversation: Applications and Next Steps (Response Paper 3)

7. Overview: Digital Humanities

8. Discussion: Jones, Chapters 1-2 (Eversion and Dimensions); Gold, “The DH Movement

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