Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Inclusive Sex Education for New Media

Nicole Crenshaw
Sex education standards vary by school districts, and not all programs provide information that is relevant to all students. LGBT students are disproportionally overlooked by the current system. The Internet and YouTube have created a platform that is optimal to address this void. “This is Awkward…” is a series of videos designed to provide age-appropriate education about sexual health and fight misinformation about the LGBT community.

Exhibit-Invite_brianA Sexist Superheroines No More: Reimagining Dated Archetypes for the 21st Century Female

Brian Delaney
Why does Wonder Woman, the Amazon warrior, fight in a one-piece bikini and high heeled sandals? Or why does the criminal botanist, Poison Ivy, who controls people’s minds need to be physically seductive, in a bikini to match wits with Batman? Or why Storm, the weathercontrolling mutant of the X-Men fights for humankind, in, you guessed it, a bikini? This exhibit addresses the depictions of superheroines and reinvents them using the original backstory, research, and creativity.

Exhibit-Invite_isiA Color Perception in Cross-Cultural Messaging

Isi Gonzalez
Did you know that color can trigger effects on the human mind and body? These reactions are due, in large part, to the associations to specific hues—but color meanings are not universal, and failure to understand color correlations can create confusion and undesired impacts. This study suggests color to be a critical element in design. The exhibition presents a tool for designers to better understand color perception in cross-cultural messaging and integrate it effectively into their communications.

Exhibit-Invite_nathanContemporary Middle School Uniforms Inspired by Sports Team Design

Nathan Lambert
This study and exhibition will address the loss of interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subject matter among middle-school students in the United States, with the goal of envisioning a contemporary school uniform design inspired by the visual language and design elements utilized in team sports uniforms.

Exhibit-Invite_dougA Proposed Solution for Increasing Social Capital in Communities.

Douglas May
Communities across America have lost more than economic capital in the shift from an agrarian, to industrial manufacturing, to the digital economy. Long-term societal trends have also contributed to the decline of social capital. This exhibition offers a solution for encouraging municipal leaders, associations, and participants to find common ground through casual event-based social connections.

Exhibit-Invite_scottA Mobile Farmers Market: A Visual System For the Delivery of Fresh Affordable Food to Low-Income Communities

Scott Ray
This study develops a farmers market-style mobile retail store. Housed on 18-wheel trucks, these fresh-produce stores would be driven to locations within low-income communities on a scheduled, weekly basis. It’s the goal of this researcher to create a mobile retail solution that attracts, engages, and educates residents of these communities in order to help them live a more nutritious lifestyle.


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