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Mission Statement: The Department of Art inspires and prepares students to excel in the art profession, including the fine and applied arts, art history, and art teaching fields and also expands the educational experiences of non-majors.

The Department of Art offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum in the visual arts leading to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Subsequent acceptance into the graduate program allows students to pursue Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees.  Majors receive broad-based instruction in the foundation areas and proceed through increasingly specialized programs of study that emphasize personal concepts and technical refinement.

The degrees offered are: Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with emphasis areas in Art History and Studio Art; Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art with emphasis areas in Ceramics, Experimental Studies, Painting, Sculpture, or All-Level Certification; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with emphasis areas in Commercial and Studio Art; Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication with emphases in Art Direction, Design, and New Media.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication prepares students for careers in the advertising industry. Advanced courses in these areas are offered at the Universities Center at Dallas, where new facilities, field trips, and internships keep students abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the rapidly-growing field of Communication Arts.

The Department of Art utilizes several buildings on campus for its many different programs and courses, including the University Gallery which hosts an annual series of exhibits of interest to the university and the surrounding area.


Department Of Art Annual Scholarship Application Form Academic Year 2018-2019
Your Department of Art Scholarship Application and all supporting materials are to be turned in to the Art Department by Noon, March 15, 2018.


Texas A&M University-Commerce is a member of the Apply Texas Application. Each year more and more students are using this service, as it allows them to apply to any state institution of higher education. Students applying as freshmen are not required to submit art portfolios. Applicants for graduate degrees in art must apply to the Graduate School. Financial assistance to study art at Texas A&M University-Commerce is available from several sources and includes support for on-campus housing. The Office of Financial Aid provides information on loans and grants from federal and state agencies, as well as information on competitive University scholarships.



As an art student at A&M-Commerce, you’ll build a strong foundation of practical knowledge in the natural sciences, humanities, mathematics, history, political science, arts, and behavioral and social sciences to develop as a well-rounded individual. This foundation prepares you to explore your personal vision through increasingly specialized study of visual mediums. World-class professors who are also accomplished artists will work closely with you to help you develop the skills, versatility, and experience you need to achieve success in a complex and rapidly changing world.

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The Department of Art offers a comprehensive curriculum leading to the undergraduate degrees of Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Pending acceptance into the Graduate School, students may pursue the graduate degrees of Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA). The BA in Art is a general degree with a broad selection of liberal arts courses and a concentration in Art History. The BFA in Art gives students the option of pursuing the degree in the areas of Studio Art, Visual Communications, and Photography. Studio Art includes the concentrations of Ceramics, Painting, Sculpture, and Experimental Studies. The area of Visual Communications includes concentrations in Art Direction, Design, and New Media. Photography includes the concentrations in Studio and Commercial. Master’s students decide on areas of concentration in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Faculty.



Commerce Campus
Housed in four buildings, the facilities on the Commerce campus are new, spacious, and well-equipped. They support the foundations courses and concentrations in Studio Art, Art History, and Teacher Certification, as well as the graduate curriculum in Studio Art.

The Universities Center at Dallas
Advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in Visual Communication are offered at the Universities Center at Dallas (UCD) in downtown Dallas, where students benefit from their proximity and exposure to one of the most active centers of advertising and design in the nation. Course work at the UCD prepares students for professional opportunities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and often involves studying under renowned professionals in the field of Visual Communication.